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#2 Small Forgotten Things…

25/08/20xx Dear Diary Guess what?? 'GUESS WHAT??? GUESS WHATTTTTTT??? I met Him!!!! You ask who? I met AADIT ARYA!!! Oh.My.God. I still can’t believe out of all the places in the world I’d see him here. You remember him right?... Continue Reading →

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#1 Small Forgotten Things…

03/08/20xx Dear Diary,   Welcoming myself to the new city. Yay!!!   So, I am finally out of my house. Yes!!!   College over and job begins. You do know how long I have waited for this day, don’t you?... Continue Reading →

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Page 1: A Small Forgotten Thing…

Some Pages reveal things that we cannot do so with our eyes and voice. Some Pages are written to be turned and read... Some Pages are Just small forgotten things...   #The story is going to be in the form... Continue Reading →

Conversation #1

1.Grief   “What do you want to do right now?”   “Oh me? Umm..let me think!”   “Okay, think and tell me what do you truly want right now?”   “... I want to die!”   “What? You want to... Continue Reading →

~Midnight Conversations~

They say the deepest and honest conversations happen only after midnight. They are right. Torn between  what is "everything" and "nothing", we often fight battles within ourselves that has no beginning and no end. Hence, I present to you, a... Continue Reading →

Born With A Pinkish Heart…

"Born with a pinkish heart, you unfold it in the dark of the night only for the moon to discover. You bathe in moonlight to wash the dirts from your divine soul and bloom for the stars to emulate. Your... Continue Reading →

Once Upon a Coffee Table…

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